I Am Bad At Blogging

I am bad at blogging. Really, I’m terrible at it. I am bad at meeting deadlines. I am bad at coming up with original content. I am REALLY bad at getting back to writing after missing a week (hence why I haven’t posted an article in a month). I’m also bad at being focused – at this point in this post, I’ve written four┬álines and it’s taken me half an hour.

I’m bad at blogging, but I made myself write this post to force my writing to move forward. I’m taking another communications class in the fall (it’s almost like I love communications studies or something…) and I need to get back into the swing of writing. I really am excited for school, and I think it’s mostly so that I’ll have new topics to write about. I have very little exposure to hot topics in agriculture during the summer. Being surrounded by the conversation during the school year is what drives my writing, and I miss it a lot. Maybe that will keep me more on track.

And so, even though I’m bad at blogging, I will force myself to write. I won’t beat myself up over missed deadlines. I won’t skip the next week just because I missed the last week. I’ll keep writing, and maybe I’ll get better at Blogging


Emma — The Suburban Aggie