Hackathons And Our Food’s Future

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: our world’s future belongs in the hands of our youth. We can learn from the youth of today – they are the ones who are able to save us. Our youth are able to use the technology that they themselves are developing to ensure that our planet will be able to support our growing population.

Have you ever heard of a hackathon? I think they’re one of the greatest things to happen in young communities. If you don’t know, a hackathon is an all-day event where teams create a computer program to solve a specific event. Check out UofGuelph’s Food Waste Hackathon that was put on this past year. Teams worked for 24 hours straight trying to devise a solution to reduce food waste in our communities. Some very cool projects came out of it, and some of those projects may even lead to a future solution for global food waste.

Hackathons need to be everywhere! They don’t just involve the computer programmers. They have parts for everyone – the politician, the environmentalist, and the marketing specialist. All parts of the team are included to come to a solution. The best thing about hackathons is that the solutions created during hackathons are tangible. They’re created in a short time span, meaning they’re manageable. The solutions are also created by the youth who may be putting these plans into action. In a few years, the same people who are designing them now will implement the hackathon solutions. How incredible is that? More hackathons, I say! Hackathons all the time!

Emma — The Suburban Aggie

PS, Check out Feeding Nine Billion to learn more about the organization that ran Guelph`s hackathon


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