Why I’m Home Schooling My Kids

I’ve thought a lot about the education system in Ontario. As far as provinces go, we have one of the most educated populations in Canada. Our high school graduation rates have risen 8.4%, which means that there is a growing number of youth who have the chance to continue on to post-secondary education. It seems that Ontario’s education system is top notch, but I still want to home school my kids.

I want you to read this article. It’s heartbreaking to know that there are people in Ontario experiencing such terrible things in the education system. (And it’s not the only case, though this article is from Montreal). Is our system not designed to help everyone succeed? Excluding children from schools just because they don’t fit the cookie-cutter definition of what we want our students to look like defeats the purpose of public education. How can there be teachers who think it’s okay to exclude children from their classroom, no matter the criteria? The purpose of teaching is to help everyone succeed – not just who you want to succeed.

It makes me angry and disappointed that I can think so highly of a public school system and yet there are instances where children are purposely slipped through the cracks. I barely have words to describe my feelings about it. I am truly sorry for every child and parent who has had this happen to them. I hope that there are only better things on the horizon.

Emma — The Suburban Aggie

Ps., for more things that will make your blood boil, read this article: How Australia failed to take care of one of its citizens.


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