The Art of Agriculture

I study agriculture as a science. When I tell people that I go to school for ag, I have to explain that I’m receiving a Bachelor’s of Agricultural Science degree. Yes, it’s a real science. It’s biology, chemistry, physics, and ecology – all of the above are included in my studies. I’ve been thinking about agriculture as a science lately, but I think it’s more than that. At its core, ag is all science. But it’s also an art. There’s an art to growing our food.

Agriculture is pretty. Look at any photo of a planted field and the symmetry will astound you. Ever seen a photo of a cow in the early morning sunlight? So cute it makes your heart melt. Seedlings in a greenhouse are so tiny and perfect that it makes you wonder how anything can look that amazing. Even the sight of an old barn summons this type of nostalgia that is hard to put a finger on.

The art of agriculture stretches beyond looks. Listening to the soil to know what your crops need can’t be taught by science – that’s an art. Feeling a connection to your animals pushes the science of raising them into the art of caring for them. When you look past the science that makes agriculture happen, you see the love and passion that we have for the industry. That passion is what makes agriculture an art. It turns that science of feed ratios and fertilizer combinations into a love and connection that is hard to find in other industries. It’s what makes agriculture one of the best sciences – not that I’m biased in any way!

Emma — The Suburban Aggie


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