The Problem With School Lunches

I’ve talked before about why education is so important to me. I’ve also talked about food and poverty, and how kids are going hungry at school. But there is a grey area here and I hadn’t noticed it until something popped up on my Facebook timeline. Have a read of this article from the Huffington Post.

Poverty exists in schools in kids and in adults. It’s very difficult to see, especially with the former group of people, but it’s there. School lunch programs don’t do enough to cover kids needs, and cannot stretch outside of school time to help kids who are hungry at home. The people who are going hungry are in the lower middle class of workers – they aren’t poor enough to be eligible for food stamps and national assistance programs, but they still can’t afford to feed themselves.

Signing your kid up for school lunch programs can be costly (depending on where you live and how your school board works) and it isn’t always feasible for all families. In Canada, we don’t have a government-run school lunch program. Schools rely on private organizations such as Breakfast For Learning, The Lunch Lady, or Lunch Pails for their programs. This adds to the cost and makes getting a proper lunch at school an even bigger struggle for some children.

The issue here is the gap we’ve created between classes, and our failure to address the needs of our entire population. There are some programs set up for those under the poverty line, but households just above this line are left out in the cold. Policy needs to be rewritten to provide resources for all levels of income and to make sure every house gets enough to eat.

Emma — The Suburban Aggie


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