I Hope You Stay Excited

I had a great conversation with my boss last week. Well, it was really a mid-season review (Hi, Pepe!), but with her it always seems to turn into an hour long conversation. Something that she said really struck a chord with me. She told me to “keep getting excited” about the things that I’m doing. Keep getting excited? Sure! Getting excited is my favorite thing in the world!

Have you ever seen someone talk about their passion and their whole face lights up? They might to start bouncing up and down a bit, or waving their hands about. I call this wiggly talking and recognizing it in other people makes me excited about what they’re talking about. Wiggly talking shows me that you’re passionate and enthusiastic about this subject matter, and enthusiasm is contagious. Why would I want to learn about something if the person telling me about it acts like they couldn’t care less? Make me excited with your excitement!

I don’t care what your passion is. If it’s scuba diving, or rocks, or curing poverty globally, or types of cheese – it doesn’t matter. Find your passion. Yes, it sounds cliché, but it’s good advice. Find something you’re passionate about and learn about it – then proceed to tell everyone you know about it. Your wiggly talking will shine through, and it will drive your conversations and your passion even further. Stay excited about these passions because they will carry you through life. Teach the world about your passion and continue learning about it. After all, what else is wiggly talking good for?

Emma — The Suburban Aggie


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