The Long Road To The Top

I’m done my third year of university (well, I still have two exams left to write, but let’s pretend) and I feel like I still know nothing. Does everybody else feel this way? I don’t mean in the typical “I could learn glycolysis a million times and still not remember it” way. I mean in the “I still struggle to remember the difference between a combine and a tractor” type of way. Sure, this may not be something every person learns while they’re in university, but I can’t help but feeling I should already know it.

At the end of my schooling, I still won’t know what it’s like to sit in a combine all day and night just to get the harvest in on time. I still won’t understand how farmers just know that their animals are going to give birth tonight. (How do you just know that, anyways?) And I probably still won’t know how winter wheat works – PLEASE, someone explain to me how you can grow wheat with two feet of snow on the ground!

Okay, maybe that last one I will have learned by the time I graduate. But it seems for all the time I’m spending in a classroom, I’m doing very little learning. I get closer to graduating every day, but finally being able to farm never seems to get any closer. Two more years of sitting at a desk, learning glycolysis (again! Maybe I’ll be able to remember it this time…) For now, I’ll have to make do with that.

Emma — The Suburban Aggie


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