I Believe In Farmer’s Markets

I believe in farmer’s markets, and knowing where your food comes from. I believe in talking to the person who made the food, who grew the food that you’re buying. I believe that local food tastes better I also believe in farmer’s markets because, deep down, I just think they’re darn cute.

Think about awesome a farmer’s market is. I get to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and other products from a person directly involved, not just a cashier trying to carry themselves through school. There’s a connection made, and it always gets me excited about food. A meal always tastes more delicious when you know which farm your food comes from.

When it comes to the cute part, I always manage to find fun foods or crafts at the markets. Again, I think this is part of “making connections” with the source. Even at places like festivals, specialty food stands give off a different vibe than your standard, run-of-the-mill stand. This past weekend, I was at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. One of the many great things about Coachella (besides the music, of course) was the food. Coachella made sure to focus on local and sustainable food (always good) and it was delicious!

Most of the local food stands and markets were in the camping area, which I didn’t have access to since I was staying in town, though there were a few in the general access area. Salt and Straw, from Portland, Oregon, is a coffee and ice cream shop that had a stand setup  at the festival. Let me just tell you that this is the best ice cream I have ever eaten:


Sea salt and caramel on top, bourbon and coffee on the bottom. And it’s hand made! See what I mean? Cute, connected, and better tasting. Everything that I look for. It’s not a farmer’s market, but I think it counts.

And so, I believe in farmer’s markets. They may be small-scale, may not be economical all the time, but they’re worth it to me.

Keep Calm and Farm On,

Emma — The Suburban Aggie


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