OAC Winter Games

This past weekend was the OAC Winter Games, held at Ridgetown Campus! It’s two days of intramural sports between all four campuses – Guelph, Ridgetown, Kemptville, and Alfred. The host campus switches every year, allowing everyone to show off their site. The regional campuses use their intramural teams for the Winter Games, which means that they’ve had tryouts and have been practicing since September. As for Guelph, we throw together a team on the bus ride down and hope to heaven that we know what we’re doing. What we lack in athletic skills, however, we make up for in spirit!

We left Guelph early Friday morning (5:00 AM!) to be in Ridgetown on time for the first game of the day. I was on two sports teams – 5-pin bowling and basketball. Now, I am by no means a basketball player. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. But it was between that, soccer, or floor hockey, so I figured I’d go with the lesser evil (or at least the one with the least amount of running). Once we got to the Ridge, the bowling team hopped off at the alley and started warming – namely, chucking bowling balls down the lanes and getting used to slippery bowling shoes.

I should tell you that the main reason I chose bowling as one of my sports is the proximity of the bowling alley to the bar in Ridgetown (they’re right beside each other). What I completely forgot, though, was that the bowling alley also has a liquor license. That made for a pleasant surprise! As soon as 11:00 AM hit, every person in the bowling alley lined up for a drink (“Oh good,” I thought, “at least I’m not the only one!”) The day drinking seemed to help my aim, actually, as I steadily improved my game over the day. In the last game, I bowled a 198 (!) and got three strikes in a row – a turkey! (!!!) My team came second overall, garnering us silver medals. At least we had something to show for our efforts.


On Saturday, we played basketball all day. Boy, was that an effort. Not only am I incredibly out of shape (as I found out after almost collapsing on the court), but our entire team was… ahem… recovering after Friday night’s fun. Once we got a little sweat on, and had a team power nap, we seemed to pick up. One of teams made it to the final against Ridgetown and got a silver (yay!) and my team… Well, we had spirit. We knew that we weren’t going to make it to the finals, so we decided to have a little fun when we played Ridgetown. (The RT team being very skilled, by the way. They blew everyone out of the water. Way to go, guys!) We made up some joke plays on the fly and laughed our way up and down the court.

That night, Ridgetown hosted an awards banquet for all participants – that’s why we look so fancy in the above picture! Guelph ended up cleaning up the awards, with 7 golds and 5 silver medals! GO GUELPH GO! For the first time in years, we actually put up a good fight for medals. We handed over The Plow to Campus D’Alfred, however, losing the Spirit Award for the first time in a long time. No biggie, I’m sure we’ll get it back next year!

Keep Calm and Farm On,

Emma — The Suburban Aggie



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