Painting The Call Board

This coming Wednesday, I and the Stags class exec are hosting Aggie Pub! Which is super exciting because it means we can make some money and start doing things that we want to do that require money (sports, events, etc.) The theme this week is “thrift shop” which roughly equates to “wear whatever you want because this is a chance to look completely ridiculous and call it a costume”.

To advertise for pub, we painted the call board outside the Bullring. The call board is a billboard allotted to the OAC for advertising pubs, though it gets used for other events sometimes. It was freezing cold outside when we did it (only a few hours ago, and getting colder as we painted!) so the paint was freezing instead of actual drying on the board. Regardless, it was really fun! Almost all of our exec came out to help paint.


After we did the board, we figured we might as well paint the cannon at the same time. We already had the paint out and were already cold, plus there was no one painting the cannon already. We ran out of purple paint just as we finished covering the body of the cannon, but we had spray paint leftover and used that for the lettering. One of the ladies from our exec even had reindeer antlers that we added to the cannon (FEAR THE DEER!) It’s looks decent, considering the amount of effort we put in, and we get spirit points for painting it. Awesome!


Pub this week should be interesting. It’s the last one of the semester, so it’ll be super busy. Hopefully nothing too crazy happens!

Keep Calm and Farm On,

Emma — The Suburban Aggie




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