Lazy Sunday Links

Over the past two weeks, it seems that I’ve stumbled upon a higher number of desirable things on social websites than usual. Coincidentally, all of the things I’ve found are related to agriculture or a country lifestyle. “How fitting,” you may say. “Those would be perfect to write about on your blog!” Yes, yes they would. And so, three videos and an article. The videos are embedded and also have links to the original. The article link will open in a new window.

Letterkenny Problems

This video perfectly displays my two worlds colliding: suburbanites meeting farmers. A fairly accurate representation of what would happen if my friends from Oakville would ever hang out with my Aggies. Granted, the farmers in this video may be more similar to those in Ridgetown than those in Guelph, but you get the picture.

Marshmallow Farming

“Too much rain ruins North Carolina crops.” That’s the tagline from this video. One of the Aggies posted a link to this on Facebook, saying that a lot of city people wouldn’t get it. I gotta say, I’m a city person and I love it! I think it’s fantastic! Kudos to smart and funny humour.

Udderly Amazing

In one of my seminars, somehow we ended up watching cow videos. I don’t know how these things happen, but they do. This one, about a girl who teaches a cow to jump like a horse, was played a few times. I didn’t know that you could train cows to do things like this (nor did I ever think that someone would try) but it happened!

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Country Music

This last link is an article that was posted on Thought Catalog in May, right around the time that I was accepted into agriculture at Guelph. It seemed to speak to me – cheesy, I know, but it’s true! It perfectly articulates my feelings about Ridgetown and how I felt there. And now, how I feel about agriculture at Guelph. I can’t describe how fitting it is. It’s like the author jumped into my brain and organized my thoughts, writing them out more eloquently than I could ever hope to do.

That’s it for the social media links for now. I’m sure that more will come up as I continue.

Keep Calm and Farm On,

Emma — The Suburban Aggie


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