Midterm Madness

Things are in full swing at school, and I’m getting super busy. I’ve started teaching swimming lessons for the City of Guelph and it’s right in the middle of midterm season. Granted, midterm season seems to stretch on for almost the entire semester, but it finally seems like the end of midterms is near!

In my biology lab on Tuesday, we went for a quick tour of the barn on campus. There were some trial pigs and cows, and fistulated cows too! The fistulated cows have a hole cut out of their left side, with a cover over top. When you open up, you can see right into their stomach! It’s really cool. As we were leaving, you could tell who was a city kid – taking pictures of the cows and pigs on the way out (guilty!).


On another note, our class had fittings for our leather jackets yesterday, and another one tomorrow. I’m really excited for them to come in! Unfortunately, the company didn’t have a stock swatch of a dark purple color, so we’re flying blind with a custom dye job. Let’s hope they turn out well and we don’t have an entire class of Barney-coloured Aggies!

Keep Calm and Farm On,

Emma — The Suburban Aggie


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