Welcome To The College On The Hill!

Tuesday night was an exciting night for both me and the 2017 Aggies. I went to two big meetings last night – the College Royal executive elections and the Class of 2017 class elections.

At the College Royal elections, the 100+ executive council was decided. This council is broken up into different categories and positions. Each position is responsible for organizing and running an event during College Royal. I ran for Jr Tractor Rodeo director, but, logically, lost to an upper year with more experience. Not to be discouraged, this put me in the running for assistant to the event! So now I, another assistant, and the director, will be responsible for the 2014 Jr Tractor Rodeo at College Royal!

Now, if that’s not exciting enough, the OAC Class of 2017 had their elections and class color decisions later that night. We first held elections for our class executive. I was voted in as Communications! Now that I’m elected, I’m in charge of our class website and Twitter account, and designing our class banner. Super exciting!

We also decided on our class mascot and class colors. After much debate, we decided that we are OFFICIALLY THE 2017 STAGS! Our primary color is eggplant purple, which will be the color of our leather jackets. Our secondary/accent color is red, which is the piping on our leathers and the color of our spring jackets that we get in second year. The executive are going to come up with our slogan, and we’re currently holding a contest to design our crest.

So, to the 2017 Stags: Welcome to the college on the hill! I can’t wait to spend the next four years with you guys!

Keep Calm and Farm On,

Emma — The Suburban Aggie


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