Aggie Week (The Best Week EVER!)

It’s Wednesday, which means I’m right in the middle of Aggie Week (The Best Week EVER!) This week is full of Aggie events and is an excellent kick-off to the school year.

Arguably the most significant event this week is Capture The Aggie. It’s essentially a college-wide game of tag! Every Aggie that signs up is assigned a target – another Aggie, but not necessarily one in the same year as them. Once you’ve tracked down your target, you have to take a clothespin that’s attached to their clothes. If successful, you get their target. The Aggie with the most catches by the end of the week wins the game! A lot of Aggies get really into it. Most have even changed their name and picture on Facebook so that you can’t track them down!

Yesterday, Tuesday, was a day full of Aggie events and I had enough poor luck to not be able to go to any of them. (On a side note, I have a job!) There was a trip to Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, which I think would have been super fun! I’ve never been to anything like that, but I guess I’ll have o wait until next year. There was also a mixer for the ’17s (my year) at the Brass Taps on campus. Oh, excuse me. The Keg. Apparently Aggies call it by its original name and you should feel guilty calling it The Brass Taps. And THEN, after that, there was a fundraiser party at the Ranch, which is the country bar in Guelph. I bought a ticket for it and didn’t even get to go! Hopefully I’ll have better luck tonight.

Which brings me to AGGIE PUB. Wehad pubs at Ridgetown, so when I say “pub” in Guelph people think I’m talking about an Irish something downtown. You have to specify that it’s “Aggie Pub.” I sometimes forget that not everyone at Guelph is an Aggie and that I have to make that distinction. I’m really excited for it tonight! The theme is “17 Again” to welcome my class year to Guelph. Should be a great time!

I’ve been running around all week with various volunteer meetings and such, but I think I’ll leave that to another post. There’s still lots more of Aggie Week to come (another two days!) and I can’t wait. Being an Aggie rocks!

Keep Calm and Farm On,

Emma — The Suburban Aggie


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