Moving In

I’m sitting in my room in my new house in Guelph. I’ve been a couple times just to check it out and bring a couple of odd things, but today is a big step: I’m getting a bed! I’ve come home from camp for one day just to be here when the bed arrives.

On a side note, I’ve finally picked up the wifi password for the house, which means I can sit on my butt and peruse internet things while putting off doing real work. When I first tried to connect, I was using the network titled “$a$$y Gryphons”. I was a little disappointed when I found out that our wifi network isn’t actually called that (that’s for a house two doors down – what a shame). Unfortunately, the signal barely reaches my room. To remedy this, I’m currently lying with my head in the doorway, my computer in the hall, and the arms supporting it 6 inches in the air. It seems to work, though I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep this up for 4 years…

There’s also two guys subletting rooms in the house for the summer, and the bathroom is disgusting. They better clean it up before September, because I really don’t want to be using a bathroom that smells like boy. I can deal with a lot of things, but that’s not one of them.

My room is finally coming together! It’s no longer just an empty space. Now it’s a space with a bed, a chair, and the pieces of a Swedish-manufactured desk strewn about that are in the midst of being assembled.

Keep Calm and Farm On,

Emma — The Suburban Aggie


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