Open House

Yesterday was the Spring Academic Open House for BScAg. It was held in both Rozanski Hall and Mackinnon Hall, at main campus. My mom and I went to attend the lectures put on by Guelph profs, and to walk around the campus a bit (like we haven’t done enough of that in the past five years!)

First, there was an introduction to Ag by an animal science prof. I didn’t catch his name, but I know that he’ll be teaching AGR*1110 (Introduction to Agriculture), which is my 1.00 credit course that I’m taking in the fall. He seemed like a horrible lecturer at first, but he turned out to be quite good once he got comfortable with what he was talking about. He mentioned a new textbook for the AGR*1110 course. We went to the bookstore to try to find it, but the lady behind the desk said they don’t get fall books until August.

The first lecture we saw was presented by Dr. R.C. Martin, a plant ag prof at Guelph and employee for PC. He lectured about the importance of healthy cropping systems for the prevention of soil erosion. It was really interesting! I understand all that he was saying because of the soil science course from Ridgetown. Furthermore, I was able to apply what I’d already learned to what I was learning in the lecture, and even go further. I met with Dr. Martin after the lecture to ask if he’s teaching any courses I might be taking. He said he does mostly grad courses, but he is teaching Agroecology, as well as Introduction to Plant Agriculture. They’re both second year courses, but I get to take both of them! I’m really excited for that.

The next lecture was titled “Solar Energy and Crops: Basic and Applied Sciences Collide”. It was presented by Barry Micallef, who will be teaching one of my second year courses. His lecture wasn’t that interesting until the end, when he mentioned that planting and harvesting times, as well as spacing, can affect crop yields. It made me realize that, although I’m going into seed genetics, you don’t need to genetically modify plants for bigger yields. Sometimes, it can be as simple as your planting method.

The whole day got me really excited for September. I can’t wait!

Keep Calm and Farm On,

Emma — The Suburban Aggie


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