The Last Day

Tomorrow is my last day in Ridgetown! I’ll be going back tonight so I can write my last two exams tomorrow. (Last two exams of my first year, I might add!) As the day approached I thought I would be a little bit more upset about leaving, but, now that it’s here, I’ve realized that I’m really excited to be at Guelph in the fall.

What I won’t miss about Ridgetown:

  • The 3+ hour commute
  • The inaccessibility (of EVERYTHING!)
  • Weekends that make Ridgetown seem like a ghost town
  • Uninterested student population
  • Unsupportive classmates
  • The monotony of a small town

What I will miss about Ridgetown:

  • Driving past the farms at lunchtime
  • Walking on the rail trail
  • Ag shenanigans that can only be pulled off at Ridgetown
  • Everything in town being within walking distance
  • Seeing a familiar face wherever I go

I submitted my application to the University to switch programs, and I can change my courses on May 8th. But I still have to wait until I hear from the University if I’m officially in the program. Hopefully the notice comes soon, but my program advisor said it could be up to a few months! I’ll be waiting patiently until then.

Keep Calm and Farm On,

Emma — The Suburban Aggie


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