Hello fellow suburbanites, Aggies, internet readers, what-have-you!

I’m Emma, but you can call me the Suburban Aggie. I’d like to welcome you to my WordPress! If you’ve stumbled upon this, let me give you a little bit of a rundown to clear up any confusion:

  • I grew up in Oakville, ON
  • Oakville is very much a suburb, and it’s the only thing I know
  • I attended the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus for one year
  • Ridgetown has a high student population of Agriculture diploma participants
  • In other words, farmers
  • I am now leaving Ridgetown, switching to the a Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture (BScAg) at the University of Guelph

To explain further: In September 2012, I enrolled in the Bachelor’s of Bio-Resource Management (BBRM) at Ridgetown. I had no idea about anything related to agriculture (see: growing up in the suburbs) and was shocked when I arrived at what I found out to be an agricultural college. For the first 3 months of school, I was hard-pressed to remember why I decided to go to that school in the first place. A suburbanite surrounded by farmers? Quite the combination.

Then something happened: I got involved in my school. Listen to your teachers when they tell you to participate, folks. It does wonders. I went to a leadership conference at the main campus in Guelph – the OAC Leadership Conference. (OAC is the Ontario Agricultural College, under the University of Guelph. More farmers!) Not knowing what to expect, I walked into a room filled with farmers from the main campus. These guys were taking BScAg. Real live Aggies! After that conference, I knew – I needed to be an Aggie.

Don’t get me wrong, BBRM is a great program, and I loved Ridgetown more than I ever thought I would. However, only having 11 people in a program can leave you with the sense that you’re on your own – especially when you’re the only person in your co-hort that talks to the Ag Diplomas. I felt like I was the only one who wanted to be a part of the Ag traditions that come with the Ridgetown territory, and I couldn’t spend the rest of my four years with those people if that’s how it was going to be.

Being friends with Guelph Aggies on Facebook allowed me an inside glimpse of what it was like to be part of something – be part of the OAC, with other people who wanted to be part of the OAC as well! I needed to be part of something that would carry me through my four years of study. Even if I knew nothing about agriculture, I decided that’s where I needed to be.

So, I’m saying goodbye to Ridgetown, and hello to the Aggies! Let’s see where this road takes me.

Keep Calm and Farm On,

Emma — The Suburban Aggie


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